Below are proposed projects for 2017.  These projects represent areas of ministry that will improve the lives and ministries of those we serve.


  • $30,000 needed to update, improve and expand the clean water system in Monterrey.
  • $20,000 needed for home improvements – renovations on homes in Monterrey most in need.  This will include concrete floors, metal roofs, exterior siding or block walls, clean water, latrines, smokeless stoves, and pilas (all-purpose concrete sinks).
  • $65,000 needed to launch new micro economic projects and ministries.
  • $4,800 needed to support the school feeding program in Monterrey.
  • $2,400 needed to maintain the current teacher/pupil ratios in the Olivos school.
  • $7,500 needed to support secondary education scholarships.
  • $12,000 needed to build a gate in Olivos and begin planning for bringing electricity into Olivos.
  • $30,000 needed for a new pedestrian bridge in Monterrey.  This bridge was lost in Hurricane Mitch in 1998 and has never been replaced.  No easy access or direct access makes it difficult for the community to thrive.
  • $20,000 needed to sponsor medical trips/supplies twice each year.  1200 to 1500 patients are treated each trip.
  • $10,000 needed for general medical needs.  This funds provide for follow-up from 147 clinics and general medical needs in the areas we serve.

Uganda/Family Spirit Orphanage

  • $15,000 needed for a Director’s Home (currently living in part of a school building) design/build, septic, rain harvest gutters and tank.
  • $5,000 needed for a new retaining wall and rain garden above the new Director’s house.
  • $60,000 needed to provide food daily for over 200 kids.
  • $25,000 needed to initialize and maintain a farm project designed to provide fresh produce.
  • $10,000 needed for a Masindi community project.
  • $6,000 needed for general education necessities.


  • $10,000 needed for general medical purposes.

If you would like to hear more about our current project needs and how to get involved, please e-mail us at