Christine Aloyo

CEO of Uganda Projects

Enoch Saaki

Project Managing Director

Lauren Akins
Vallie Collins
Rusty McDonald
Raul Carrasco

Honduras Operations Manager

Suzanne Mayernick & Gwen Oatsvall


We are two moms that have a deep desire to help vulnerable children. Our lives have been forever changed by our families’ adoption journeys. Adoption opened our eyes and hearts in a way that we could not ignore, and we felt Jesus asking if we were willing to continue to love the One he put in front of us. We said, “Yes”, and ultimately 147 Million Orphans was created from a passion to feed children in Uganda. Since that beginning, we have expanded the scope of our projects to provide for the critical needs of children in Haiti, Honduras, and the United States as well.  We would be honored to have you join the 147 team and help provide hope in the name of Jesus Christ.