147 Million Orphans was created to provide the critical needs of children impacted by the orphan crisis and living in poverty. Founded in 2009 by Gwen Oatsvall & Suzanne Mayernick, 147 Million Orphans provides food, water, medicine and shelter in the name of Jesus Christ. The name of our company invokes discussion and brings awareness to the worldwide orphan crisis. Provision begins with the vulnerable child , but we also work to preserve families through sustainable income projects and community reconstruction. This support is critical to break the ongoing orphan crisis cycle.

The Work We Do

Uganda is where our ministry began, and it will always hold a special place in our ministry. The provision of food for children’s homes is the heart of our projects in the beautiful country.

Meet Our Team

Suzanne Mayernick & Gwen Oatsvall


Enoch Saaki

Project Managing Director

Christine Aloyo

CEO of Uganda Projects

Meet Our Board of Directors

Suzanne Mayernick & Gwen Oatsvall


Rusty McDonald
Vallie Collins
Lauren Akins